• Share Your Knowledge. Be a Mentor.

    Be a Mentor to motivated job-seekers, and access no-cost training plus wage subsidies to support Mentee work experience with your company.

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  • What’s your plan?

    The Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP) connects construction employers in British Columbia with job-ready workers.

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  • LNG Canada Trades Training Fund

    Designed specifically to support industry and apprenticeship training for the construction and related trades in BC, the LNG Canada Trades Training Fund will be of particular interest to small employers in Northwest BC who would like help covering costs of Foundation or Apprenticeship training for an employee interested in developing their skills in high demand trades.

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  • A no-fee service

    “I have recommended STEP to other employers. It’s a viable source because we’re getting an inside track.”

    – Shamus Jones, Owner
    Shamus Jones Construction

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    STEP Employer Shamus Jones Construction
  • Construction Specific

    “STEP provides reassurance that you’ll have the best trades you can get in the market.”

    – Max Ignatiuk, Owner
    IGN Systems

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  • One-on-one advice

    “With STEP it’s easy because I can talk to my representative. He’s in the know, he’s in the touch, and he’s getting guys. He knows what I’m looking for. He’s starting the hiring process for us.”

    – Shamus Jones, Owner
    Shamus Jones Construction

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  • Register for SiteReadyBC Today

    This new and improved BCCSA online training program replaces the popular CSTS-09 program, including all the same elements and more.



STEP is a no-fee, HR service for BC construction employers and a vital part of skilled workforce planning.


STEP works with all Industry Training Authority recognized construction trades.


STEP Regional Employment Placement Specialists (REPS) pre-screen individuals on your behalf and follow-up after placement to ensure a great match.

STEP connects employers with skilled workers.

Since 2006, the Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP) has connected construction employers with motivated, trained, and ready-to-work candidates.

As our industry continues to face challenges with skilled labour shortages, STEP works to make the most of a booming construction industry and an increasingly diverse talent pool to ensure BC’s dynamic legacy continues to grow.   

If you’re a construction employer in British Columbia, you’re eligible for our services.

Connect with us today.


  • Assessment

    Connect with you at your convenience to assess your hiring needs.

  • Support

    Provide pre- and post-placement support at no cost.

  • Sourcing

    Find job-ready skilled workers for you.

  • Retention

    Improve your retention rates by continuing to work with you after placement.


Number of construction jobs in BC that will be unfilled due to labour shortages by 2033


Number of job placements since 2006 by STEP Regional Employment Placement Specialists (REPS)

STEP has a strong, established network of experienced staff ready to connect you to your next great hire.